Technology and Innovation

Tancredi has worked with its tech clients at all stages of growth, from the initial business concept through to market dominance. Our approach is designed to ensure that your communications strategy directly supports  your growth strategy.


Importantly, with our backgrounds in financial services, media and tech  start-ups, we understand tech business models and can help anticipate  communication needs as they evolve. Working proactively, rather than  reactively, means we contribute to your growth as it unfolds.


Our firm has earned a stellar  reputation for its technology  and innovation practice. We are well regarded among key editors and journalists for the professionalism of our approach and by our clients for our willingness to help create the best content.


Tancredi has worked with a wide range of technology companies, and our experience spans both B2C and B2B business models in areas like personal banking, investment, peer-to-peer lending, Proptech, RegTech and more. We are fluent in the application of  technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning.


We translate this fluency into communications  efforts across a range of different channels, helping companies gain visibility and credibility in a crowded market.