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Tancredi reaches a global audience but has deep insight in the following markets:

United Kingdom

London serves as Tancredi’s headquarters for financial and corporate communications services.
We advise companies, institutions, governments and individuals looking to develop a strong presence in the City.
Tancredi has long-standing relationships with the British media and in-depth knowledge of London’s financial services industry.
With our international scope, we provide all of our clients with bespoke advice that fits both their national characteristics and the London general mind-set.


Tancredi’s office in downtown Milan serves all the needs of foreign investors looking to develop business in the country and provides a local hub for our Italian clients.
We help clients to understand the financial services and general institutional landscape in Italy and set up the foundations to establish a long-term relationship in the country.
We provide bespoke counsel to Italian companies who need global, integrated communications services with both foreign and national media.

Continental Europe

Continental Europe is a mainstay of international media today, and Tancredi’s presence across the region allows us to understand and incorporate the nuances of local media along with a more global presence in our clients’ messaging. Tancredi works with a host of clients, institutions, and media organisations across the continent, and also provides a wide array of communications services for investors looking to initiate or expand their business within the region.


Tancredi's New York presence ensures clients can deliver key messages to Tier One media outlets in the United States, while also targeting the increasingly important specialist media outlets in centers like Washington D.C. and Silicon Valley in ways that support more complex communications and institutional relations briefs. Our US presence also enables us to tap into key digital channels, accessing the publishers and content aggregators challenging the traditional dominance of Tier One newspapers and broadcasters. The media landscape in the US signals coming changes in the way news is reported and received and our aim is to ensure client strategies are always ahead of the curve on these fundamental developments.


The complexities of the regulatory and jurisdictional landscape in the Gulf are such that it is critical to be properly advised on how to enter and operate in these markets.
Tancredi provides a suite of communications services for all types of investor looking to foster business relations in the region.
We have relationships with the top-tier of financial services institutions, regulatory, legal and governmental bodies and prominent mercantile families in the region.
Our office in Jeddah can arrange institutional road shows, investor conferences, media relations and tailored programs to target the appropriate stakeholders for companies wishing to initiate, expand or improve their business in the region.


Brazil remains the economic powerhouse of Latin America, and has the ninth largest GDP in the world.
Tancredi provides bespoke advice to Brazilian corporates and institutions looking to develop, or improve, their presence in EMEA markets.
In addition, we ensure our clients establish global, integrated communications services with the media in these new markets.
Tancredi can help its Brazilian clients better understand the general institutional landscapes in the UK, the Gulf and in Europe, and to lay the foundations of a long-term relationship with these regions.
Tancredi also provides a suite of communications services for all types of investor looking to initiate or expand their business relations or operations within Brazil.