With our combined expertise in consultancy and journalism we are able to effectively liaise with the media and develop complex long-term media strategies for individuals, not just institutions.


We coach individuals and groups to interact with the media in an effective way for their specific needs.


A company can be perceived and defined in relation to the individual that runs it. Tancredi builds media strategies to ensure that leaders are equipped to properly communicate their vision.


We enjoy writing or improving speeches for clients who wish to disseminate their messages to audiences in different countries. We can write speeches in multiple languages – from Italian and Portuguese to Arabic and English – and we make sure they are culturally relevant and appropriate.


Any client who is meeting with the UK or foreign media will be trained by us to handle complex questions. Our media training is carried out by an individual who has a decade of experience as a former senior journalist and has interviewed countless people in senior roles.


We cover everything from key messages points and body language to answering questions carefully and dealing with hostile interviews. Individuals who have completed our training will be able to handle the most aggressive forms of questioning, even at the highest levels of specialist media.