Every company, institution and CEO has a unique character which must be properly understood in order to develop and implement an effective corporate communications strategy.  A powerful corporate profile is not something that can be acquired off the shelf. Each one must be individually crafted. This is where Tancredi excels.


Offering bespoke advice requires a profound understanding of every client to ensure that their communications and reputation with all stakeholders is tailored to their needs. We enable clients to establish constructive long-term relationships with the media, think tanks and other institutions.


We understand the complex psychologies that inform and drive the international media. We want our clients to be genuinely interesting to the press, and work to translate complex situations into dynamic and engaging stories. We build narratives around the existing market and capitalise on all potential selling points.


We take a strategic approach to communications and act as a trusted advisor, providing advice that transcends core media relations. Our bespoke services help corporations manage their reputation, extend their brand, and expand into new markets.